Best HVAC Test Equipment in Surprise

Nitroexxpress is a company dedicated to bringing new and innovative test equipment to the HVAC Industry. The Exxpress Series has three different models with three different purposes and yet all three are interchangeable. The purpose of this new equipment is to make the pressure testing process a safer, coast ...

What it Can Do for Your Company

This new system has proven to cut the pressure testing prosses by as much as 50%.
Increase Safety:
Because you can remotely pressurize and evacuate the system, you spend less time going up and down ladders and steps!
Increased Production:
Field testing showed that almost twice as many systems can be tested and ...


What's Available

What's Available


Handheld high pressure, remote operated, …
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High pressure, remote operated, pressure testing …
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Nitroexxpress LR

High pressure, remote operated testing equipment …
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Latest Updates

Latest Updates

With 2022 here, now is the time to make sure your HVAC business is in tip top shape!  Get in touch today to learn more about our …
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Call or email Brenda and schedule a demo! We will come to your job site or office and demonstrate how these babies can save your …
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